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Case Study for a 1.2MVA Generator & 800KVA UPS Installation using Lithium Batteries.

The Project Overview:
Our client was one of the largest producers of Dairy Products in the UK. Given their remote location, power supply was a constant concern, as any form of power outage caused major production issues.

The Project Brief:

To remove the old undersized 1560kVA Generator and install a new 1.2MVA Generator and 1MVA UPS Solution to provide secure power to the manufacturing plant, with the capability to add future loads if required.

The Result:

The new Generator System was utilised as a temporary solution to allow the removal of old set and demolition of an existing building. Given the lack of space, any new Switchgear and UPS equipment needed to be housed in a new purpose-built containerised solution - designed, built and commissioned by FSECL.

A Ni-Cad battery solution was to be utilised to reduce footprint and provide a long term backup solution. Given the locality of the HV substation and known routes of HV cables, all new conductors were to be installed above ground at a high level.

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