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Case Study for a Large Worldwide Diamond Product Producer

The Project Overview:

The existing power supplies within the client’s 2 buildings were stable but suffered from regular minor “Brown Outs” which meant relying on old and inefficient UPS Units to prevent loss of valuable production material.
This coupled with the imbalance of the loads on their 3 non existing HV/LV Transformers were restricting the growth capacity of the business. Space was also a major problem to fit new equipment in.

The Project Brief:

We were challenged with a review and remodel of the client's Load Profile to include future expansion plans, whilst maintaining as much production uptime as possible. 
We were to provide UPS Support to the critical process equipment and provide updated switchgear as far as possible within the time and space constraints available.

The Defined Scope of Works:

We replaced 4 of the client's old Switchboards, rated at 2000A each with new units incorporating new UPS Switchgear
A total of 8 No 300KW UPS Systems were installed in 3 groups, 1 group of 4 in parallel, and then 2 groups of 2 in parallel. 

Critically, Flywheel technology was employed to reduce overall space requirements to cover the troublesome “Brown Outs” being experienced by the client. A partial rewire of the existing circuits was carried out to

A) achieve better power segregation between the 2 buildings, and

B) achieve Load Balancing to allow for further operational growth

The Result:

The Client now has a well-balanced and protected Critical Power Infrastructure that has not suffered any power disturbances since being set into operation.

With the employment of Flywheel Technology, future Battery Maintenance and Replacement costs have been drastically reduced.

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