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Case Study for the supply and installation of 4No 200A Static Transfer Switches onto critical equipment in Hamilton, Scotland.

The Project Overview:

Our Client, one of the largest financial institutions in the world, identified the requirement to increase the resiliency on some of there operational desktop PC’s that were running their 24/7 call centre. Project planning was critical for these works to both align with the clients strict working processes and planned power disturbances.

The Project Brief:

There are currently 2 independent UPS systems, one that supplies the left half of the call centre, the other the right, with the option to manually transfer all the load onto one system. The requirement for the project was to install 2 No fully rated transfer switches so that the switching process became instant in the event of power loss from one UPS.

The Defined Scope of Works:

2 New 200A 3 Phase Static Transfer Switches were installed as outputs from the existing UPS load distribution Switchgear. 2 new power distribution panels supplied and installed by us, were to be installed, one on the output of each Static Transfer Switch. All necessary circuits were then to be transferred across to the new resilient board in a planned and structured manner.

The Result:

The Client now has a fully resilient A and B feed to all final distribution boards, giving as much uptime as possible to their operatives in the call centre.

The works were carried out successfully through the normal working day, with power interruptions carried out overnight to minimise disruption to the core operations. The client was that impressed that we are now undertaking the same operation at their Leeds Centre.

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